About Kartenportal.CH

Kartenportal.CH is the specialist portal for maps from Switzerland’s libraries and archives and was originally operated by Elektronische Bibliothek Schweiz (e-lib.ch). The portal is now a cooperative project between the following institutions:

Zentralbibliothek Zürich (general management)
ETH Zürich, ETH Library
Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
Swiss National Library
Universitätsbibliothek Basel
Universitätsbibliothek Bern

The map search uses data from the Swiss metacatalogue swissbib, the catalogue of libraries of universities and federal institutions. The data is synchronised with swissbib on a daily basis, re-indexed and made accessible via a search interface that has been optimised for maps. The map search is based on the software MapRank Search developed by the company Klokan Technologies GmbH, Unterägeri.

An article on the Kartenportal.CH map search has been published in English:
Oehrli Markus, Přidal Petr, Zollinger Susanne, Siber Rosi: MapRank: Geographical Search for Cartographic Materials in Libraries. In: D-Lib Magazine 17, 9/10 (2011).